Abouna's Message of the Month

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ.

After a nice summer break, where many of you were in vacation or out of town, we have the opportunity for a time of renewal, celebration and giving. During the last month, one of the events that marked the church was the first Annual Church Youth Summer Overnight Camp, that the Youth Committee planned for the Youth of our parish. We had approximately 16 youth participate in this event – members of our Faith Formation, Altar Servers and MYO youth members and about 6 chaperons and leaders. We thank the sponsors who offered their generous support to the event. We also thank the parents who sent their children to spend time with their peers. The Camp was full of activities, games, and fun, thanks to the leaders and organizers who made this event successful. We also want to thank Yvonne Gubash for volunteering to work with the group on learning some of traditional dances. The children loved it and they hope to participate in the Dabki dance at the Festival and possibly at the Centennial Dinner.

One of our Youth Committee membesr, John Corey is organizing a Bike Ride as a Centennial event, in which bikers will bike from Holy Family to Saint Maron in Minneapolis back and forth on Sunday September 9. Details are in the bulletin. Sponsors are welcome to support the event by sponsoring a T-shirt ($15) and a meal ($15) and maybe a medallion ($15) for each biker. Bikers from the Holy Family and Saint Maron are welcome to participate.

We are happy to come back together again to continue our walk in the church’s dynamic mission of evangelization and preserving our heritage. Evangelization is not only being sent to an unknown land in an unknown continent preaching the Gospel and feeding the poor. Evangelization can be practiced here in your house, within your family and within your church and community. How? It can be, for example, by your participation in the church activities, by inviting a relative or friend to join and volunteer in special events and activities during the year. The most marked event of the Holy Family year program and agenda is the Holy Family Fall Festival. It is a unique and great opportunity to bring to church new faces, new capacities and potentials, new or old persons from all ages, and introduce them to other members and groups of the parish. Many people in today’s society feel lonely and have no one to talk to, no friends, not even a spiritual guide. They would love to belong again to an active and dynamic community of Catholic faith such as the Holy Family and participate in activities and in beautiful and rich liturgy around the year, where our English mass goes deep in the history of the church since the Apostles. It even uses in its some few passages the Aramaic Syriac language which was spoken by our Lord Jesus himself by all Apostles people of His society. Don’t forget that the first of the 4 Gospels of the New Testament was written by the Evangelist Matthew in the Aramaic language.

This is what is wonderful about the Holy Family. Evangelization is practiced in every activity, in every event, and now especially even in the church annual Fall Festival that will be held in the weekend September 7-8-9. The goal is to attract and pull the most possible of people back to the community and to the faith and heritage. Who does it? YOU. Everybody. There is bad news and good news about it. The bad news at the Holy Family that we don’t have designated volunteers, but the good news is that everybody is dedicated, energetically committed determined volunteers, loyal, faithful, kind, ready to serve and assist, from generation to generation.

I take this opportunity to remind parishioners and friends that volunteers are still needed for the Festival, for Sunday September 9, to be able to serve large flows of people lining up to take their orders. This is an opportunity for participation and commitment. Please contact Gloria or Jackie or the church office, to register name, contact and schedule. We consider the Festival as major vital fundraising event for the church. I also take this opportunity to express on behalf of the Holy Family, gratitude and many thanks to all families and individuals who show their constant support and generosity to the church with lots of care and attention. Your generosity is highly appreciated and makes lots of difference in the church life and mission. We thank all our generous people who donated and keep donating. Thank you, donors.

Saturday September 8 is the feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Liturgy will be celebrated at 4:00 PM. May the Virgin Mary bless the Church Annual Festival. Friday September 14 is the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. Liturgy will be celebrated on Saturday September 15 at 4:00 PM.

Wishing you a blessed month of September, the church is glad to offer all spiritual assistance needed for all parishioners and friends.

Father Emmanuel Nakhle-Ghorr, Pastor

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